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OmniVision 0V48C

Xiaomi released the Mi Note 10 last year, snatching the honor of being the first company to launch a mass-production smartphone with a 108 MP camera (Samsung's 108 MP ISOCELL Bright HMX). However Xiaomi presented the latest Mi 10 Ultra, which in addition to the flagship hardware, with OmniVision OV48C (48MP rear camera with 1/ 1.32″ OV48C sensor,1.2μm, f/1.85) and a cool 120x zoom camera thanks to the 48MP telephoto made by Sony (IMX586 periscope telephoto lens with f/4.1 aperture for 10x optical zoom and 120x digital zoom, OIS.) OmniVision OV48C is the first with 1.2-micron pixels (against the 0.8-micron sensors from Samsung and Sony), and only then Samsung showed its 50-megapixel competitor. The OV48C technically has the same size as Samsung’s 108 megapixel sensor; however, it differs by keeping the resolution at 48 megapixel. This is done to accommodate its larger 1.2um pixels against Samsung’s 0.8um pixels. Furthermore, the OmniVision sensor has a 4 cell color filter (Quad Bayer) that outputs full resolution images at either 48 megapixels or use pixel binning for 12 megapixel images. The latter effectively makes the pixel size twice as large, about 2.4um pixels. In terms of videography, the OV48C image sensor can output 8K videos without binning and 4K videos at 60fps (Frame per Second). It also supports slow motion videos at 240fps on 1080p resolution or 360fps on 720p resolution. Notably, the new OmniVision sensor features PureCel Pus technology as well, or in other words, an OmniVision version of Samsung’s ISOCELL technology. Read more here