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Security start-up Cybereason raises $200 million from Japan’s SoftBank

Cybereason, which uses machine learning to increase the number of endpoints a single analyst can manage across a network of distributed resources, has raised $200 million in new financing from SoftBank Group and its affiliates. In a news release, the company said it would continue to innovate its core endpoint protection platform. Cybereason’s technology processes and analyzes data in real time across an organization’s daily operations and relationships. It looks for anomalies in behavior across nodes on networks and uses those anomalies to flag suspicious activity. Endpoint protection platforms refer to technologies that can prevent malware attacks, detect malicious activities and provide corporate security teams with the ability to investigate and fix network breaches, according to Gartner. Cyberattacks and data breaches against companies have increased, forcing businesses to invest in more advanced means of protection against hackers. Read more here

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