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AI cybersecurity a double-edged sword

In a hair-raising prediction last year, Juniper Research forecast that the annual cost of data breaches will increase from $3 trillion in 2019 to $5 trillion in 2024. This will be due to a mix of fines for regulation violations, lost business, and recovery costs.

But it will also be driven by a new variable: AI.“Cybercrime is increasingly sophisticated; the report anticipates that cybercriminals will use AI, which will learn the behavior of security systems in a similar way to how cybersecurity firms currently employ the technology to detect abnormal behavior,” reads Juniper’s report. “The research also highlights that the evolution of deepfakes and other AI-based techniques is also likely to play a part in social media cybercrime in the future.” “Everything you invent to defend yourself can also eventually be used against you,” said Geert van der Linden, an executive vice president of cybersecurity for Capgemini. “This time does feel different, because more and more, we are losing control as human beings.” Read more here

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